Storia - 40 years of successes

AR Industrie Alimentari S.p.A. activity for the tomato transformation started in the first part of the sixties thanks to Antonino Russo with the foundation of the sole proprietorship called “La Gotica".
The canned food production increases year after year with an incessant rythm, so that the company becomes one of the first factory in Campania region.
In the 1979 “La Gotica di Russo Antonino” contributes to a new society of capitals, the “Conserviera Sud S.r.l.” and during the eighties Antonino Russo founds four societies in the canned food sector starting its expansion into the African markets, achieving immediately positive results.
In the nineties the production of pulses and fruit cocktail in can starts and a little factory is taken over from ILVA S.p.A., and transformed in a modern factory for the processing of tinplate and the production of empty cans.
After the acquisition of other societies, the international markets extend themselves to the United States and Japan, and a commercial company is opened in London.
In the 2000 all the production factories are incorporated in a sole proprietorship called “AR Industrie Alimentari S.p.A”.
In 2001 the “Napolina Ltd” is founded together with “Princes Foods Limited”.
Today the expansion plan of the company foresees the building of a modern production factory in Foggia, with a surface of more than 500.000 mq.